A Poem A Day

Three years ago I started a little project named a Poem a Day and wrote diligently for… oh a while. Reading back, I realized I do love the thought of this and I liked some of what I conjured up so hereby the poem a day is back on track!

As for comments, critiques, anything you feel like sharing: have at it! I love feedback and I love knowing you were here, so if it’s only a greeting, do comment. It makes my week, I’m tellin’ you!

Now, this post wouldn’t be much of an announcement without a little something something to go with it, so here’s the first 2013 Poem a Day.




With every breath

and every drawn line,

I frame our world with

rushed mornings and

quiet evenings.



She expected the world to turn upside down, at least tilt. She expected flowers to wilt and trees to shed their leaves. She expected time to halt, air to freeze, people to notice. She expected impact. Change.

Day 1.

She waited for the tears, the agony. She waited for the heartbreaking memories and the deep sense of emptiness. She waited for life to crash down on her.

Day 100.

And so,
under this curtain of
unbroken white and filtered blue,
I find, in
the corner of my eye,
an image or a shadow.
And I feel both relief
and another wash of sorrow.
We need to part ways
yet again.

Day 1000.

And so,
the curtain of white is
finally letting some light through, and
thinking of you doesn’t hurt
(as bad).
Your smile lingers
and reminds me of
how beautiful you were.
We don’t part ways anymore.

Triplepeak – part 6

(Find Part 5 here.)

Dani admired the view, the surroundings, while they rode towards the city. Once they were threading the streets the sparkling white buildings revealed details of fine cracks and chipped surface, as well as painted murals depicting what Dani assumed to be the city´s history.

The images were like beacons, each one a guiding point towards the council, she realized as they drew nearer. Chase had pointed out a specific tower before they passed through the city gates. Continue reading

Triplepeak – part 3

(Find part 2 here.)

“Hurry up, kid,” the rider said with a quick glance over a broad shoulder without slowing down.

Kid, she thought and grinned. She was twenty seven, hardly a kid, but it wasn´t the first time she was mistaken for a much younger girl. Or boy, for that matter… She didn´t really mind. Much.

“What were you doing out there anyway?” He asked when she caught up. He sounded angry, more than curious, and she wondered if there were rules about going “outside”. Assuming where they were headed was “inside”.

“Walking,” she answered smiling and added, “where are we going?”

Her words, spoken easily and without any dubious intent, might as well have been a bomb threat. All five men stopped and turned to look at her with the same priceless expression of startled surprise. Then they glanced at the rider, hesitating to speak up but obviously wanting to. Finally he cleared his throat and crossed his arms, taking a deep breath so his wide chest got even bigger.

“Where were you going when I decided you shouldn´t become easy lunch?”

His voice was rough and deep, even if he´d made an effort to soften it. She should pale up at the thought of getting on the wrong side of him, but instead she flashed another easy smile and shrugged.

“I heard there was a good spot to camp in the area. And the myth of Triplepeak City. So I thought I´d make a day of it.” Or three. “Is that where we´re going? Triplepeak?”

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Triplepeak- part 2

(Find the beginning here.)

She felt tiny.

She was bouncing uncomfortably, even if she was being squashed against a strangers body. The horse was moving fast and the rider leaned forward. His voice carried to her from above her head, deep and coarse, as he urged the animal to go even faster. She hung on to him, forced to wrap her arms around him if she didn´t want to go flying. His arm was no longer a safety belt around her back.

The insanity of her situation started to sink in and she twisted as much as she could without losing her grip. She couldn´t turn enough to see his face, but he was huge. When she was about to shout at him to stop and let her go, she was faced with what she could only assume was the reason he was in such a hurry.

At first it seemed like a dark cloud, but as it came closer she made out shapes and movement. It was a flock of large black birds, silently gaining on them with such accuracy it was clear what their target was. And soon enough, the first bird let out a rough cry and plunged towards them. It had barely moved from the flock when a few more mimicked its move and then the whole bunch was shooting down.

She reached for her knives, secured by her hip, but was stopped by the rider. He grabbed her arm and put it back around him as he leaned even further down, basically pinning her to the horse.

“Hold on,” he growled, muttered something and the horse broke into a gallop that seemed to be closer to flying than running as it´s feet barely met the ground. The birds missed their target but kept following them and she was about to point that out, somehow, when the rider added:

“Ravens are the least of our problems, it´s the dogs we need to worry about. The guys better have that damn tunnel ready.”

Her eyes widened, both at his warning and what he had said next. Who were ´the guys´ and what tunnel were they getting ready? Who was this guy!

A howl broke her thoughts and made her tighten her hold. It was followed by another howl and then a loud answer from the ravens, crying and screeching and barking at the…

Wolves. No damn dogs; Grey, big wolves on both sides of the road and clearly circling them. She was now certain the rider was a friend rather than a crazy, kidnapping murderer. She would´ve been a snack for either a flock of ravens or a pack of wolves had he not taken her with him on the run. Why she would even need to worry about that did not become a question at that moment, but how to get out of this on the other hand…

The wolves were creeping closer, new ones appearing as soon as they outran the first. Her heart was racing and she couldn´t figure out how she would defend herself if the animals got close enough to attack. She could reach her knives pretty easily, but what good would they do if the horse was targeted?

She was beginning to plan how to survive if the horse was brought down, being pinned to it and on her back was not the best position to take control of her fall, when the rider hissed „yes!“ and made a turn that was so sharp she could almost touch the ground and wondered how the horse even kept its balance. She didn´t see where they were going but she saw walls of rock and felt a gust of chilly air. They slowed down and the rider sat up straight, allowing her to move freely in front of him again. Tall walls of a narrow canyon reached for the sky on both sides.

She twisted to look in the direction they were headed, just in time to see a round opening into a dark tunnel and a few men on horses holding guns and flashlights. In a second, they were all inside and a solid metal gate closed silently behind them. Lights flickered on, a string of them running the length of the tunnel, fitted into the ceiling. The tunnel walls seemed surprisingly smooth and the floor, even if obviously dirt and gravel, was solid.

Her savior swung lightly to the ground and she immediately followed. Her butt was killing her and her back wasn´t in the best shape either. The other men followed the riders example, leading their horses further into the tunnel. She trailed behind, watching the little group with interest and wondered what the hell she´d gotten herself into this time. Fleeing from wolves and birds and hiding in a tunnel? And to where?

She couldn´t help but grin. Triplepeak?

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