Triplepeak – part 6

(Find Part 5 here.)

Dani admired the view, the surroundings, while they rode towards the city. Once they were threading the streets the sparkling white buildings revealed details of fine cracks and chipped surface, as well as painted murals depicting what Dani assumed to be the city´s history.

The images were like beacons, each one a guiding point towards the council, she realized as they drew nearer. Chase had pointed out a specific tower before they passed through the city gates.

The other thing she noticed about these streets, was that they seemed to be going in circles, smaller and smaller until suddenly they were on a beautifully decorated square. On one side was a village of tents and people buzzing back and forth between fishmongers, jewelry booths, fruit stands… It all seemed like a step back a hundred years, like she´d dropped in on a medieval market square. That is, until she noticed the electrical appliances, the cd’s, the handbags…

On the other side of the square was the tower Chase had pointed out, easily recognizable by the spectacular purple roof and top windows.

“Right.” Chase growled and told her to get off the horse. When they were at the huge wooden door he hesitated and squinted at her, leaning a hint closer.

“You don´t speak unless they ask you something directly. No cocky attitude. We clear?”

Dani nodded and tried her best to suppress a grin. That may not have worked completely, because Chase clenched his jaw and cleared his throat before pushing the doors open.

(Find part 7 here.)


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