Some People

Some people

hide amongst the small and crooked branches

in the crown of the tree.

They find comfort in the crowd,

battling for a little spot of sun,

growing small, fragile leaves.

Those are the people

who wilt before autumn kisses the ground,

before it´s cold breath sweeps life away.

Those are the people

we don´t remember,

and don´t see.

Unless we are right next to them when they wither.

But then,

there are some people

who stand tall and strong.

They grow closer to the ground,

heavy independent branches

with life of their own.

They twist and turn,

bathe in sunlight

and when we reach up to touch the tree,

those are the ones we hang on to.


when they break,

we notice. We mourn.

Because the tree simply isn´t as beautiful

without them.



4 thoughts on “Some People

  1. I love this. A suggestion?

    who wilt before autumn’s cold breath sweeps life away

    Autumn doesn’t really kiss…it’s pretty savage.

    Just a thought.

    This is a great idea to live by.


  2. You might be right…

    To me, though, autumn is nature being considerate… It slowly takes over instead of letting winter kill everything in a heartbeat :)

    That said, I do tend to give harsh and severe things a gentle side in my poems, even when that may not be the best way to go.

    This one was a gift, written specifically for a friend, so I won´t change it. But, I´ll keep your comment in mind next time I use autumn in my writing ;)

    And as always, Pearl. Nice to see you and thank you!

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