(a Poem a Day) -Leysingar-

This one is in Icelandic for my mom ;)

Myrk og kröftug, eins og
áin undan jökulhellu.
Brýst um nakið grýti,
rutt fram, rutt frá.

Bakkar tættir,
klettar fægðir.

Kaldur faðmur.


3 thoughts on “(a Poem a Day) -Leysingar-

  1. I do not under stand of course but…….I’d like too
    an old Icelander friend of mine used to say Cafahh skufda or something like that………..it meant coffee buddy I think….
    off topic a bit oh well!

  2. Hahaha, here you go:

    dark and powerful, like
    the river from under a cap of ice.
    Breaks through naked rocks
    pushed forth, pushed away.

    Benches torn,
    cliffs polished.

    Cold embrace.

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