Triplepeak City

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A bird was chirping happily in a somewhere nearby tree, a brook was caressing smooth rocks and grassy banks while it playfully made its way down a slight hill. Alongside it was a road of gravel and dirt,  wide and stomped down enough to obviously be a main road, but she hadn´t passed or seen another person for quite some time. It might possibly lead to a once big town of much traffic that had wound down to quiet… Nothing unusual about that.

Tall trees on both sides of the road were almost a solid wall, but as the road took a sharp left turn, that wall started to thin out on the right. The mountain she had seen from far distance and then been hidden from view when she entered the woods, was now surprisingly close.

As she walked further and the woods were down to a few trees on the right side of the road, the mountain side of the road, everything seemed to quiet down even more. No birds were hopping from branch to branch, no cracking of twigs and leaf indicating small animals shooting around in the cover of tall grass and trees… Not even the trees themselves were making a sound. No gentle hissing of movement in the sunlit canopy, nothing at all.

She watched the mountain while she walked, studied its landscape, and came to a sudden halt when she made out what seemed to be a manmade structure on it. A wall was leading from just above the roots of it and across a small distance of open land before it dipped into what looked like a canyon.  And the road seemed to lead right there.

She picked up her pace, despite the loud protesting of her weary feet, eager to find out what this was. To find out if it was true.

There were myths, stories about a city inside Triplepeak mountain. They said it was a magical place of bounty and prosperity. A place where people lived in perfect harmony and where laws of war and struggle were unknown. Utopia. They also said it was hidden from view to every soul not born within it´s walls.

She didn´t actually think she would find Triplepeak City, or that if it existed it would be anything close to utopia. She imagined, if she assumed it was real, that it was simply a well hidden and well protected city of possible wealth- and hidden because it knew the laws of war, not ignorant. Why else would people isolate themselves. It was surely a way to armour against attacks.

She was almost running now, her mind spinning possibilities into a clear song of determination. She had to see for herself where that wall led, what it was protecting, hiding. This was why she decided to come here, to this part of the world, in the first place.

She didn´t hear him coming until it was too late. Hooves thumped rapidly onto the ground and before she even managed to turn her head, she was swept up and roughly landed on a moving horse, facing it´s rider.

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