She pulled on the sleek black cocktail dress and the leopard Manolo Blahniks, stuffing the rest of her clothes, underwear and stockings, into her bag. No time for that. With a quick glance around the room, she made sure there were no signs of her being there. If she didn´t disappear into thin air he might try to find her. No time for that either.

The doors closed softly behind her and her footsteps were muffled in the luxurious carpet of the hallway, providing an easy escape for whomever felt a need to sneak out before first light. She was greeted in impersonal manner by a young man in the elevator, and again at the front desk.

The doorman, on the other hand, offered a hesitating smile and his eyes held unmistakable curiousity. He´d recognized her when she arrived, and no doubt wondered about her early morning departure. She nodded curtly and flashed a smile as she fished a bill out of her wallet and slipped into his hand. No need for further explanation, he´d know what she was asking. She was never there.

A cab took her to her own hotel, where she was kindly greeted by her own doorman and her own desk clerk. Her own, meaning exactly that. She had in fact hired them.

“Morning miss Holland. Should I arrange for breakfast to be delivered to your suite?” “No thank you, Joshua. Not this morning. Any word from my father?” “No miss, I´m afraid not.”

An apologetic smile, a nod, an elevator closing.

Time for a phonecall and some sleep before the day began.


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