He stirred, woke up with the comfortable feeling of a full night´s sleep. Stretched his arms to touch the roof of his bunk. Nothing? Last night´s toy flashed before his still closed eyes. Hungry brown eyes, sexy seducing attitude. Dark hair flowing over smooth shoulders and arms that turned out to hold strenght he´d enjoyed overpowering and surrendering to, man she was something else.

He opened his eyes, glanced about for the woman who´d convinced him to meet at a hotel instead of his boat, and immediately realised she was gone. No movement, no hushed sound of footsteps or a lingering scent. Just the semi-light of early morning sun outside the windows, screened by white drawn curtains.

He sat up, brushed a hand through his dirty-blond hair, I really need a haircut, and frowned slightly. Didn´t even get her name.


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